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We know how important it is to provide a safe work environment for your employees. Not only is it good for employees, it’s good for your business. Zenith’s focus on workplace safety allows you to remain focused on your people and running your business. With the right safety and health measures, you can reduce the costs of workers’ compensation claims and protect yourself from uninsurable extra expense, customer dissatisfaction, and lost opportunities.

We partner with you to create a culture of safety at work that sends the right message to your employees to decrease the risk of injuries and illnesses. Zenith consultants are passionate “difference makers” who operate with a unique blend of technical expertise, insurance knowledge, and customer focus. Because we understand how employees can get hurt on the job, we can help you reduce the risk of injuries.

With our services, tools, and resources you can improve your workplace and track your progress toward fewer injuries and claims. Should an injury occur, we’ll be at your side with injury-management and return-to-work assistance to help employees heal and control insurance costs over time.

Here’s how we help:

To protect your employees and your business, you need customized assessments of risks – both technical and industry-specific – so you can make the right decisions and investments.

Our consulting practice supports a breadth of industries. Working with you, we can help you systematically target your most significant cost-saving opportunities.

We offer expertise and solutions based on your needs:

Manual Material Handling: Handling heavy, bulky, or awkwardly shaped items.

Repetitive Motion: Repetitive tasks with potential for muscle fatigue, awkward motion, sustained position, forceful exertion, over-exertion, or overuse.

Machinery and Equipment: Machinery and equipment use, maintenance, and repair with emphasis on guarding and lockout/tagout.

Falls: Elevated areas, walking/work surfaces, parking lots, ramps, stairs, elevators, escalators, ladders, and scaffolds.

Occupational Disease: Hazardous substances that can be inhaled, absorbed, or ingested. High noise levels, temperature extremes, biological hazards, radiation, lasers, and vibration.

Motor Vehicle: Operation of company or personal vehicles for business use.

Catastrophic Potential: Group transportation, explosion, chemical release, and other events with potential for multiple employees to suffer serious injury, illness, or death.

Injury Management: Immediate claim reporting, return-to-work, and litigation control.

In order to be effective, your workplace safety efforts should be directed at injury and illness exposures most likely to affect your productivity and profits. Since traditional inspections, safety program audits, and general training alone will not produce meaningful results, we take a different approach.

Zenith’s evidence-based safety and health service follows proven process improvement models that emphasize resource prioritization and problem definition. We zero in on your most significant cost-saving opportunities to help reduce claims, disruptions to productivity, and your overall business expenses.

Evidence-based safety and health intervention consists of four well-defined steps:

  • We review your business and analyze past injuries to determine the critical hazards and activities that have, or might lead to, employee injuries.
  • Problems must be clearly defined before they can be solved. We work with you to define injury cause-and-effect relationships through research, observation, interviews, and other problem-solving activities.
  • Once we understand why specific injuries could or have occurred, we work with you to develop and implement effective safety measures.
  • We work with you to review and track claims, cost, and exposure reduction in your areas of concern so we can quantify impact and identify what we’ve accomplished together.

Access to comprehensive risk management and safety resources specific to your industry, as well as training programs, compliance tools, HR management best practices, and more.

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