Appulate: ACORD & AMS Upload

We’ve Made The Process Even Easier. Instantly Upload ACORD Application Data Today!

Appulate: ACORD & AMS Upload

Zenith is here to help you grow your business and make the process even easier. You can now instantly upload ACORD application data directly into Zenith’s Submit, Quote & Bind.

Benefits of using Upload:

  • Available at no additional cost for Zenith-appointed agent
  • Enter ACORD data with fewer steps
  • Save time when you enter multiple locations, states, codes, or contact
  • Compatible with ACORD PDFs and most agency management systems
Appulate - Connecting to the world of insurance
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Additional Appulate training resources available here

To register:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Download the Appulate Uplink driver

To add Zenith as a market:

  1. Login at
  2. Click on Available under Markets
  3. Search for Zenith Insurance Company
  4. Click + under the Select column

To upload an application:

  1. Open a saved PDF ACORD
  2. Print the PDF to the Appulate Uplink printer
  3. Login to Appulate
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions

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Need To Sign Up?


Need To Sign Up?