Frequently Asked Payment Questions

Frequently Asked Payment Questions

Automatic bill pay lets you set up recurring premium payments directly from your checking account. No need to remember when your bill is due or mail us a check. opens in a new windowEnroll here

Your enrollment authorization remains in effect unless we notify you of enrollment termination, or you send Zenith a written request to cancel automatic bill pay.

Your monthly invoice shows your withdrawal date. If the date falls on a weekend, the payment will be withdrawn on the next business day. Your policy inception date determines your payment date:

  • If your policy inception date is between the 1st and 10th of the month, your automatic payment is on the 20th of each month
  • If your policy inception date is between the 11th and 24th of the month, your initial withdrawal date is the 10th of the following month and continues on the 10th of each month
  • If your policy inception date is between the 25th and 31st of the month, your initial withdrawl date is the 20th of the following month and continues on the 20th of each month

The e-Check opens in a new windowonline premium payment service is quick, secure, and paper-free. It enables you to make premium payments electronically. Through e-Check, you can pay your bill, schedule payments, and view past payments.

Note: For your security, we require a different user name and password from your Zenith account login.

All e-Check payments made before 7:30 p.m. Eastern will be credited to your Zenith account the same day. When you pay a bill through your bank’s website, funds are likely deducted from your account immediately, yet the bank still requires up to five business days to deliver the payment in the form of a paper check. This means there will be a time lag from the day you issue the payment to when your Zenith account will be credited.

  1.  Click on opens in a new windowonline payment services from the dropdown menu, select Zenith Insurance Premium Payment, then enter your policy number and zip code as it appears on the invoice
  2. Create an account profile with user name and password
  3. Complete the security questions
  4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions

  1.  Log in to your e-Check account
  2. Review the amount due and select the check box in the “Check to pay” column
  3. Select or create a payment method then click “Next”
  4. Review payment in preview and click “Pay”
  5. Print confirmation of payment receipt

  1. Log in to your e-Check account
  2. Select the checkbox in the “Check to pay column,” then click the “Schedule to pay” clock icon
  3. Select “Payment method” and select “Recurring fixed amount payment” in the payment plan type
  4. Select payment plan frequency (deferred, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual), and Select the date you wish to submit your first payment. Your payment will recur every month on that day
  5. Review payment preview and click “Save”

  1. Log in to your e-Check account
  2. Select “Payment list” from the top menu options
  3. Click “Action” type relating to the pending transaction
    • “View” is used to view bill amount, payment method, and payment plan information
    • “Edit” allows you to change the payment plan frequency
    • “Cancel” allows you to completely cancel your transaction

  1. To modify your account, edit the necessary fields then click “Continue”
  2. Review the account information
  3. Click either confirm, modify, or cancel
  4. Once confirmed, view the confirmation response and/or click “Print confirmation”
  5. Click “Continue” for another transaction or log out

  1. On the “Payments list” screen, click the “Cancel” link in the “Action” column
  2. After clicking the link, a pop up window will be displayed, asking if you want to cancel the plan. Click “OK” to cancel your plan
  3. After canceling the plan, the status of your plan will change from “Pending” to “Canceled”

Note: The system doesn’t automatically stop your payments once your premium is fully paid. You must manually cancel future payments for months you don’t owe premium.

You’ll receive a confirmation page showing the information that was changed or processed.

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