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What Makes Us…Us

At Zenith, we are big enough to be an industry leader, yet small enough to feel like a family.

Everyone matters to us…our customers, their workers, and every single one of our employees.

We believe that each of us has something to contribute. And we cultivate an environment where everyone is included and feels comfortable to share.

We have a set of principles that shape our culture. In a nutshell, we:

Focus on quality and excellence

We want to be of service and make a difference. We are passionate about helping our customers support their employees with safe workplaces, appropriate medical care, and getting them back to their lives after an injury.  We are an advocate for our policyholders through every aspect of their claim.

Do the right thing

Integrity is not optional here. We want employees to do what’s right when it comes to our customers, our business partners, and each other.

Do things the right way

Our employees tell us they like working for a well-run company. And that doesn’t happen by accident. We are great at developing (and continuously improving) business processes and finding innovative ways to improve our services, all of which contribute to our long-term financial success. Our employees also like that we do right by our customers when we help their injured employees or resolve a property or casualty related claim quickly and accurately.

Work as a team

It’s all about camaraderie. We share knowledge and ideas and have a lot of fun together. We trust each other when it comes to solving tough problems. Together, we are empowered, creative, and feel like we can do anything!

Treat everyone with courtesy and respect

We embrace diversity when it comes to individuals, talent, and ideas. And we find that this yields a richer perspective and better outcomes.

Care about the wellbeing of our employees

Wellbeing drives everything including your happiness, energy level, and inspiration on the job. We’ve built a culture around wellbeing and have satisfied, energized employees to prove it.

Develop our people

We challenge you and provide an extraordinary range of learning opportunities. It’s up to you to decide where you want to grow and follow through. And you can do it at your own pace.

Reward initiative and achievement

We set high standards and reward results. If you are motivated to succeed, we’ll mentor you and invest in your future. We’re proud of our track record when it comes to promoting from within.

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