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Find a Medical Provider*

Your employer may help you find a medical provider. Depending on your location, you can also find a provider through our medical provider lookup tool. Get started here based on your location.


Medical treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses is provided through our Zenith Medical Provider Network  ID# 3142 (ZMPN), a customized network of physicians, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and ancillary service providers throughout California. Providers are included only for locations listed. Treatment obtained at locations not listed is considered out-of-network and may be subject to denial.  Zenith provides pharmacy services through the Zenith Pharmacy Network** (ZPN). Injured employees must use a pharmacy participating in the ZPN to obtain any medications prescribed for work-related injuries. Zenith does not provide reimbursement for medications dispensed at a provider’s office unless the medication is for a medically necessary intrathecal pain pump (including refill), or is an antiviral or antibiotic. All treatment must comply with Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS), including the MTUS Drug Formulary.

**The ZPN was established pursuant to Labor Code 4600.2(a).

A chiropractor cannot be the injured employee’s treating physician after the injured employee receives 24 chiropractic visits, unless Zenith has authorized additional visits in writing. The term “chiropractic visit” means any chiropractic office visit, regardless of whether services performed involve chiropractic manipulation or are limited to evaluation and management. If medical treatment is required after 24 chiropractic visits, a new physician who is not a chiropractor must be selected.

If you need help verifying an address or scheduling an appointment, you may contact a Medical Access Assistant toll free at 800-440-5020, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Pacific, Monday through Saturday.

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All other states: Provider directories for all other states are not available online. To receive a directory, please complete our Medical Provider Request Form.

*Provider search tools are for use only when Zenith Insurance Company or ZNAT Insurance Company are the underwriting carrier. Contact Zenith for assistance if Zenith is providing claims administration services only.

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