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A Passion For Learning

Working at Zenith Is an Investment in Your Future

Learning is embedded in the way we do business. In fact, demonstrating a passion for learning is a core part of our culture.

Zenith has an exceptionally strong national learning and development team. If you are curious and motivated to succeed, we will help you flourish. The best part is that you drive this process. You choose a career path and we help you get there.

You get what you need to be the best YOU

Zenith’s learning-rich environment supports our employees’ efforts to excel in their current positions while continuing their professional development. We design and curate an evolving number of development programs and maintain an extensive resource library.

Our programs are designed to help enrich our employees’ skills and capabilities. They include:

Our learning experts provide individualized feedback and coaching to employees. We also connect employees to mentors who can help fast-track their careers.

Zenith’s collaborative culture helps enable high-performance teams. To further enhance team dynamics, we offer coaching that helps managers take their teams to the next level.

At Zenith, we believe that everyone has leadership potential and opportunities. In keeping with that philosophy, we offer a large variety of management and leadership programs and courses tailored to our culture and designed for employees at all levels.

We’ve created our own online university called “Zenith Learning Institute” that focuses on business and professional development, computer skills, and other technical training.

Zenith conducts many of its own workshops and seminars, which employees are welcome to attend. We also reimburse employees for attending external programs for which they are qualified.

We develop our own programs to teach employees and prepare for careers in some of our key disciplines.

Our generous tuition reimbursement policy includes college and university programs leading to a variety of degrees.

We reimburse employees for continuing education coursework needed to maintain professional certifications for claims professionals, safety and health consultants, attorneys, nurses, CPAs, etc.

We pay 100% of the cost for many professional insurance programs and, as further incentive, we award bonuses upon course completion or test achievement.

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Need To Sign Up?